Accurint™ Yields Strong Leads with New People at Work
Search Function

People at Work Brings Increased ROI with the Addition of Advanced Functionality

BOCA RATON, FL – July 26, 2004 – Seisint, Inc., a leading provider of information management technology, has released People at Work™, a powerful new addition to the industry’s flagship locate and research database product, Accurint™. This powerful new function links more than 132 million individuals to businesses and includes information such as business addresses, phone numbers, and possible dates of employment critical to investigations conducted by law enforcement as well as users in the collections, legal services, and insurance industries. For the first time ever, Accurint users can develop new leads using the most accurate, up-to-date information available based on probable current and historical employment information.

“Accurint’s People at Work search adds tremendous value to our fraud investigation unit as we must assess hundreds of fraudulent and legitimate insurance claims each day,” said Jack Scott, Director, SIU Services, a division of the Merrill Group. “This new tool is a driving factor in helping us better allocate budgets and man-hours. In fact, we’ve already seen our ‘employment locate’ success ratio increase by 32 percent.”

In addition to its powerful search capabilities, People at Work features a confidence score that gauges the strength of the link between the person and the business. This score, coupled with a date range, enables users to determine which records to utilize first. Users can generate a number of reports based on these searches via Accurint’s user-friendly Web interface.

“People at Work is a breakthrough capability for our customers,“ said Jim Swift, Executive Vice President, Product and Business Strategy at Seisint. “This new feature can help resolve cases quickly and cost-effectively. It has broad appeal, from collectors to insurance fraud investigators to attorneys. People at Work also provides all organizations with a powerful new tool for conducting due diligence on businesses.”

Leveraging Accurint’s proprietary data-linking and supercomputer technology, People at Work provides a robust search that is available in seconds. Drawing similarities from a number of data points, People at Work creates connections between individuals and their employment histories to assist users in mapping leads.

“As a leader in the competitive, results-oriented collections industry, much of our success comes from connecting with delinquent accounts over the phone,” said Michael Meyer, CIO and CSO, MRS Associates. “Accurint’s People at Work provides us with a new source of data to help us track down and resolve outstanding accounts.”

People at Work is Accurint’s fastest-growing feature, with more than 330 million records to-date – dramatically greater than the number of records available through competing solutions. This referential database is continuously updated and additional data is regularly added.

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