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Accurint LE Plus is a powerful desktop client application that was developed in response to the specific needs of law enforcement investigators and intelligence analysts. Whether you're trying to locate suspects, investigate fraud or uncover assets, Accurint LE Plus helps increase your efficiency and save time by bringing together a comprehensive suite of tools that enables you to find vital information and solve cases quicker.

In addition to providing the same locate and investigate technology offered by Accurint LE, Accurint LE Plus seamlessly integrates all the analyst's mission critical tools into one, easy-to-use application.

  • Relavint™ Plus visual link analysis tool
    • Visualize complex relationships
    • Expand entities to discover new links
    • Integrate agency-specific data into visual link charts
  • Enhanced Mapping
    • Analyze geo-spatial relationships between entities or incidents
    • Visualize critical infrastructure
  • Advanced Sexual Offender Search
    • Search, locate and map current addresses for registered and non-compliant sex offenders
  • Photo Lineups
    • Sort and display photographs
  • Real-time phone number batching
    • Quickly process large lists of phone numbers to discover name and most current address
  • Query Organizer Tool
    • Manage and share case information

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